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A blissful blend of play and relaxation.

More Like a Luxury Hotel

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To call what we do dog boarding is like saying a weekend at the Waldorf-Astoria is just another hotel stay. At our facility your buddy experiences the blissful blend of play and relaxation; that’s why you see many tongue waggin’ pictures.

A typical day begins about 6:45a with the morning “out” for our overnight guests. We give everyone enough time to do their morning “business”, then it’s breakfast time while our daycare friends arrive. After that we alternate a play/rest throughout the rest of the day with a 2-hour nap noon-2p. At noon we turn down the lights, turn up the classical music and let your baby recharge. The will spend a full 6-7 hours out playing during the day.

Unlike most local kennels that charge you to breathe the same air as your pal, we let your buddy LIVE LIFE UNLEASHED at no extra charge in a high touch, low stress environment.

Treats & Activities

  • Peanut Butter
  • Sweet & Nutty
    Ingredients: Mashed sweet potato, white rice & peanut butter
  • Fruity Freeze
    Ingredients: Banana, a small handful of blueberries, natural yogurt
  • Bubble Time
    15 minutes of frolicking around popping bacon flavored bubbles
  • Plum Crazy Facial
    Send your baby home with the sweetest smelling face around

Your dog will romp and play from drop off to pick up, weather permitting.

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At our facility your buddy experiences the blissful blend of play and relaxation.

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We don’t cut corners with our grooming services, notice the difference immediately!

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With positive reinforcement we take a balanced approach to training your best friend.

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Pet Photography

In the studio or on location, saving dogs and
saving memories is what we love to do!

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Have a question? We’re happy to help! Our entire team is looking forward to having your pal come and hang out with us soon!

70% of The Day is PLAY

A typical day at Allie’s Walkabout is a blissful blend of play and relaxation, at no extra charge!

We're Here Overnight

We’re staffed overnight for the safety & security of every guest so you can enjoy your time away from your buddy, without worry!

Spoil Your Pal With Treats

Why not spoil your pal while he’s here for daycare or over night. Treat him to some special edibles or fun activities.

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